In December 2006 I wrote my last official report to the Apex National Board regarding the Apex Australia Twin Loss Awareness Kit National Service Project. The project had been one of the most successful Apex National Projects on record with good participation from Apex clubs right around Australia.


The Kit project was a cost-neutral one, with clubs paying for kits with each quarterly order. Apex clubs then donated the completed kits to the organisation of their choice. Donated twin loss kits were given to maternity hospitals, emergency service organisations, counselling groups, government agencies, funeral parlours, schools, kindergartens and churches.


Amazingly, for one of the most successful projects, it remains one of the least acknowledged and even upon my retirement from Apex Australia in mid 2008, there were many of my Community Service colleagues who had no idea what the whole thing was about.


However, judging from the ‘thank you’s’ and feedback I received during the 4 years over which the National and State project/scheme was in production, I understand that the kits did make a positive impact upon the wider community, and assisted numerous health care professionals and twin loss families to better understand one of the most neglected areas of mental health that exist today.


Please read my report and discover what it was all about…









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