In mid 2006 I was at the half way point in guiding and administering the Apex Australia National Service Project for 2005/2006, The Apex Australia Twin Loss Awareness Kit.


Orders for kits were accumulated and filled on a quarterly basis and each individual Apex club was responsible for the purchase and distribution of these kits. Each kit included the following items:


  • 1 copy Jane Warland’s textbook: “The Midwife & the Bereaved Family”;
  • 2 copies Lynne Schulz’s book: “The Diary”;
  • 3 booklets by OzMOST: 2 for parents, 1 for medical professionals; and
  • 2 brochures by Australian TTTS Support Group: 1 for parents, 1 for medical professionals.


Each kit had the following statement printed on each cover:


This Australian specific kit was inspired by a Canadian model and is aimed at assisting medical professionals in caring for families who have lost a child/ren in a multiple pregnancy situation. Although this kit refers to ‘twin loss’ it can be readily utilized in a higher order multiple loss case.”


It was definitely a team effort and my eternal thanks go to the following people with whom I have the utmost respect: Dr Jane Warland (Lecturer UniSA), Julie Bryant (Founder OzMOST), Victoria Sciacca (Co-founder Australian TTTS Support Group), and Lynda P Haddon (Multiple Birth Educator, Multiple Births Canada).


Thanks and recognition must also go to Apex members right across Australia, for without their support and financial assistance, this project would have remained one of those unfulfilled dreams. Please read more about the project…








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