In 1997 I was asked by the Editor of Gilgal Publications in Oregon, USA to write a piece for her small bereavement care book series, “Meditations for the Bereaved”. It was the first item that I wrote that I actually got paid for! $25 (US). I was so excited that I used the money to purchase a picture frame so that I could make a copy of the cheque, (you shouldn’t really photocopy cheques!!!) and frame it with the letter accompanying it which told me that I would also receive 2 copies of the booklet when it was published.


The meditation was entitled, “Megan’s Diary” because it was based on the original manuscript for my book, which at that particular time was unpublished. I eventually changed the title of the book from “Megan’s Diary” to “The Diary” because I had been trying to get the work published in the United States, and publishing contacts were telling me that they felt the first title may cause some confusion with laws that had been passed in the US called, “Megan’s Law”, named after a child who had been abducted and murdered by a sex offender, and whose life had become a catalyst for change. I therefore reluctantly bowed to pressure and changed the title. Since the book’s publication in 1998 I have had no regrets what-so-ever.


Ironically it took so long for this piece of work to be published that I gave up hope. That is until almost a decade later, when I received an International phone call from Gilgal’s Editor Judy Osgood who was making sure my details were up to date because she was going to publish my work – finally! So from submitting the work, to seeing it published, I had to wait a whole 10 years! It certainly tested my faith in the US Publishing business, that’s for sure!






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