In October 1996 I was invited to present a paper about my personal experience as a twin loss mother. This work was subsequently published in the book of Conference Papers later that same year.


This was the material that was used in my first book, “The Diary”, which was literally based upon the diary that I kept during the 7 week hospital stay in an Adelaide Maternity Hospital during early 1990. The Hospital has since been sold and refurbished by a different organisation.


The hospital was a teaching hospital and during my stay I was bombarded with eager medical students who were looking for an unusual subject upon which to base their assignment work. I became a bit of a guinea pig for the medical staff who worked with me. They had not experienced a situation like mine before and were unsure of what to do and what to say. Some of them pretended that I didn’t exist. Some of them tried to pretend that nothing had gone wrong with my pregnancy at all.


None of them took the time to sit down and ask me what my needs were, how I felt or what I wanted.


Things have changed since the early 1990’s. Unfortunately changes to care of twin loss families appear all too slowly, and when compared to the advances made in singleton loss care, we sadly appear to remain in a bubble-wrapped time warp.


I am determined to continue the fight for change, no matter how long it takes. Please share my story…







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