In 2006 I received an email from Oxford University Graduate and Founder of Wombtwin in the United Kingdom, Althea Hayton, asking if I would be interested in submitting some work for her book, “Untwinned: perspectives on the death of a twin before birth”.


Wanting to be included, but not feeling like writing something new for the book, I left Althea with the invitation to visit my Murraylands Twin Loss website and read through the speeches and articles pages, in the hope that she might find something suitable.


She eventually decided to use a speech which I gave to the 2004 Lutherans For Life Conference, which was being conveniently held just 5 minutes from my home in Murray Bridge, South Australia. How could I say No!?


To my absolute delight the complete speech was published in Althea’s book which was finally published at the beginning of 2007 in the United Kingdom.


The speech that I gave in 2004 not only covered explanations about twin loss issues, but gave some background into how I evolved as a twin loss bereavement counsellor. I talked about the highs and the lows. I shared how in the beginning I would be invited to speak to groups where no one turned up, through to the progression of speaking to a room full of interested and enquiring minds.


Please accept my invitation now to open your own interested and enquiring mind as you share my tale…








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