Established in SA Oct. 1992

Founder of the NTLS Organisation



image003Lynne Harford is the Founder of National Twin Loss Support, established in October 1992, and based in Adelaide, South Australia. Lynne trained as a volunteer bereavement counsellor through Lutheran Community Care and Bonnie Babes during the 1990’s.


The lack of credible and reliable resource material for multiple birth loss families to access started Lynne on a journey of discovery. In 2001 she gathered together a team of close bereavement care colleagues, including Dr Jane Warland PhD, Julie Bryant, Founder of OzMOST, and Lynda P Haddon from Multiple Births Canada, and created the ‘Apex Australia Twin Loss Awareness Kit’.


Since that time she has remained focused upon creating new resources and educating the wider community about the specialised needs of multiple birth loss families and their surviving multiple birth children.


Lynne is the author of the books, “The Diary” 1st ed. published 1998 and 2nd ed. published 2014, (inspired by her daughter Megan’s life), and “The Survivor” 1st ed. published 2003 and 2nd ed. published 2015, (inspired by her son Rhys’ life). “The Diary” celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2008. "The Survivor" celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2013.


Involved in community service work for many years, Lynne was President of the Apex Club of Murray Bridge during 2007/2008. Currently working in Government Administration, Lynne was previously a professional martial arts instructor, teaching freestyle karate for over 14 years.


Lynne has a varied educational background, having earned TAFE college certificates in Basic Accounting, Business Practice, Justice Studies Certificate III, and Justice Studies Certificate IV in Court Administration. In 2012 Lynne completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling Skills, with the Australian College of Applied Psychology. In 2015 she earned a Certificate III in Government through the Australian Department of Defence.


In recognising the work done by National Twin Loss Support since 1992, Lynne won the Short-listed Category for the 2009 National Centre for Leadership of Women (CLW), 'Leadership Award for Women', presented on International Women’s Day in March. As a result of her achievements she was presented with Honourary membership of CLW.


During 2008-2010 Lynne conducted a twin loss research project which studied the impact upon 15 bereaved mothers in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. In 2015 Lynne began a subsequent twin loss research project which will investigate the impact upon adult survivors and their singleton siblings. This project is planned for conclusion in 2017.





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