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2015-2017 NTLS Project


“The Diary” published in 1998 & 2014 began the story of twin loss from pregnancy to the first few years after birth. It told the story of twin loss from the mother’s viewpoint.


“The Survivor” published in 2003 and 2015 continued that story from childhood to adolescence. It revealed the experiences of both the mother and father, as well as the survivor’s viewpoint. It included examples from surviving triplets and other higher order multiple birth children and their families.


“Future’s Hope” aims to finish the story. It will investigate the years of adulthood. Although studies have been previously published by health care professionals about the effects of twin loss on multiple birth survivors, this book will examine the experiences of the singleton siblings as well.


Just like the NTLS project during 2008-2010, questionnaires will be distributed to participants in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. Questionnaires are currently available from NTLS upon request, and a few twin loss sites have also offered to support the project.


Following on from the 2008-2010 project, the 2015-2017 study will only be examining a relatively small number of participants, hopefully around 20. The plan is to produce “Future’s Hope” within the next two years after the completion of the study. Questionnaires are available in PDF and Word format. Members of the NTLS Facebook page also have access to questionnaires in DF format only, and have been encouraged to share them with any other relevant groups and individuals.


Persons aged 18 years and above who wish to participate and have any other questions, are encouraged to email the NTLS Founder at “

 Questionnaire - surviving twin (pdf format)
Questionnaire - surviving twin (Word format)

Questionnaire - surviving twin sibling (pdf format)

Questionnaire - surviving twin sibling (Word format)




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