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NTLS is proud of the books it has produced over the years. Sales of our books help to fund the work that we do in educating people about twin loss, and also about the use of humour in providing respite from the grieving process.

The following books are available from our US publisher, Lulu Publishing in both paperback and e-books:

The Diary 2nd edn by Lynne Schulz [part 1 of the twin loss trilogy]

The Survivor 2nd edn by Lynne Schulz [part 2 of the twin loss trilogy]

Future's Hope 1st edn by Lynne Schulz [part 3 of the twin loss trilogy]


The Government Goose series of adult coffee-table style humourous books:

The Goose Files by Lynne Harford

Cocktails: The Government Goose Goes Out To Dinner by Lynne Harford

Don't Fence Me In: The Government Goose Builds A Fence by Lynne Harford

On a Wing and a Prayer: The Government Goose Flies A Plane by Lynne Harford

It's All About Mary: The Government Goose Goes Searching For Christmas by Lynne Harford

It's Just a Matter of Time: The Government Goose Goes Travelling by Lynne Harford [currently only available in e-book format]






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