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Professional Counselling Services



National Twin Loss Support does not provide professional counselling services.


It is important to be aware that grief is extremely complex. Whilst a bereaved parent or family may have required grief counselling to initially assist them during their early time of loss, parents and couples who experience multiple birth loss need to be aware that they may require other types of counselling to assist them in maintaining their personal relationships.


Often during times of loss, communication misunderstandings between partners can result in the complete breakdown of the relationship, leaving couples feeling bitter towards each other and blaming each other for not providing the emotional support that the other needed. Realistically, it is not always possible for both parties to provide support during times of grief.


It is therefore, not uncommon for bereaved families to not only have to endure the pain of infant death, but to undergo the devastation of divorce as well, simply because the communication channels broke down. In these situations marriage or relationship counselling may prove useful in helping to ensure that the communication channels between partners remains intact.


NTLS has therefore provided a directory of professional counselling and psychiatric practitioners in several Western countries. We are happy to add any other links that may prove useful to our members.


Australian Counselling Association register
American Counselling Association Directory

United Kingdom Counselling Register

Canadian Professional Counsellors Association
New Zealand Association of Counsellors



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