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Lynne McPherson has lead the way in providing credible and reliable resources for twin loss families right around the world. Besides writing books, articles and speeches on twin loss issues, she initiated work on the Apex Australia Twin Loss Awareness Kit in 2002 in South Australia.


100% of royalties from all items sold help to fund the work of National Twin Loss Support,

helping it continue the work in Twin Loss bereavement care.


More about the Apex Australia Twin Loss Awareness Kit

The “Apex Australia Twin Loss Awareness Kit” was the winner of the 2003 South Australia Premier’s Community Service Encouragement Award, as well as the 2004 Apex National Donald McKay Citizenship Initiative Award! The kit was accepted as the 2005-2006 Apex Australia National Service Project at the Apex Australia National Convention held in Tamworth, New South Wales in July 2005.


The project ended 30th June 2006. 222 kits were distributed to maternity hospitals, bereavement care organisations, counsellors, church groups, emergency service groups, schools and government agencies during that time.




“The Diary”

Inspired by her deceased daughter Megan’s very short life, this is a small paperback which was first published in 1998, confronts the issues of maternal loss and grief in a multiple pregnancy. It has become a valuable extension of the work being done by National Twin Loss Support. “The Diary” has been utilised by medical professionals, other bereavement care organisations, as well as many bereaved families in the following countries: Australia, United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore and Malaysia.


This book was promoted in London in 2000 by the Multiple Birth Foundation and was used as a reference source in Jane Warland’s textbook for midwives, “The Midwife and the Bereaved Family”, published by Ausmed during that same year.


Both “The Diary” and “The Midwife and the Bereaved Family” were included as part of the Apex Australia Twin Loss Awareness Kit” which was distributed throughout hospitals in South Australia and the Northern Territory during 2003 by Apex Clubs.


image006“The Survivor”

This book which was first published in 2003, was inspired by Lynne's surviving twin son Rhys’ life, and continues where the first book left off. It examines in detail the effects upon the surviving multiple birth children and their families, as the survivors progress from childhood into adolescence.


This book was promoted in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA in October 2004 by Lynda Haddon and Cathy Deschenes of Multiple Births Canada at the 14th Annual Perinatal Bereavement Conference.


“Future's Hope”

This book which was first published in 2018, was inspired by responses from adult surviving twins and helped to conclude the twin loss story by providing a sense of hope and a positive outlook for twin loss survivors and their families. Future's Hope addresses a neglected area of bereavement care by examining the long-term effects upon surivors as they prepare the journey for the next generation. Share the journey and rejoice in the fact that happiness can be found even amongst the darkest of times.




Contributions to other publications


“Meditations for the Bereaved”, Edited by Judy Osgood, Gilgal Publications, United States, 2007

“Untwinned: perspectives on the death of a twin before birth”, Edited by Althea Hayton,

Wren Publications, England, 2007

“Pregnancy After Loss”, written by Jane Warland, Published by the author, Adelaide, 1996

“Today Daily Readings”, Edited by: John Pfitzmer, Openbook Publishers, Adelaide, 1994


Newspaper and Magazine Articles and Conference Papers
Lynne McPherson, (who has written under the pen names of Lynne Schulz and Lynne Harford), has been a freelance writer of numerous articles for rural newspapers, twin loss magazines, websites and conference papers for over 25 years. She spent many years voluntarily writing small unpaid newspaper articles which were published by the Murray Valley Standard Newspaper in Murray Bridge, South Australia, for groups and businesses such as Murray Bridge Apex Club, Murray Bridge BlueLight, National Karate Academies, Schulz Shoecare, as well as National Twin Loss Support. Lynne wrote a conference paper for SANDS SA in 1996 for their annual conference which was held in Adelaide.

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